About us

Dreams are powerful. They are one of the reasons children are the future. We all once dream to become a doctor, a teacher, a scientist, a politician, an artist. We all dream to change the world. A lot of the times, people get to realize their dreams, but there are many who struggle to make it come true. We get carried away by parents’ expectations, by overload studies, by exams, by our communities. We, WorldLink, are here to help you to find the right paths for your study and careers, and help you to realize your dreams.

WorldLink Education is a consulting agency, the official representative in Vietnam for hundreds of world-class institutions (from High School levels to Colleges, Universities, and even Higher Education) in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia.
WorldLink Education has a great team of professional consultants who worked in top international education organisations. Bringing with them their valuable experiences, our consultants can help parents and students pick an environment suitable for their academic purposes, safe, and great teaching qualities.

WorldLink Education updates the latest information about overseas training programs, scholarships and assists students in fitting in well with new environment to reach their full potentials in an international environment.

WorldLink is great at introducing various programs and summer camps in order for students to have their options in exchanging languages and cultures, as well as experiencing advanced education system in the world. WorldLink also has a network of alumni who have attended famous universities around the world, who would play a big part in helping freshmen to adjust easily to new environments.

Why choose WorldLink Education?

• An opportunity in being highly successful in approaching different institutions around the world
• An opportunity to understand institutions thoroughly in order to avoid wrong choices
• Advice from the most experienced consultants in the industry for any level of education
• An opportunity to receive scholarships offered by WorldLink and partners.
• Latest updates on institutions and majors
• A chance to compare tuition fees and scholarships offered by different institutions
• Updates on future job markets
• Proper preparation for applications, visa interviews as well as language ability
• Effective investment for your money in your child’s future

Student Services:
• Career orientation, major determination according to RIASEC career survey
• English language evaluation
• Assistance in applications and pre-departure
• Assistance in scholarship applications
• Visa services
• Reservations of accommodation and flights
• Organisation of inspection trips, school visits, seminar, appointments with institution representative, career counseling
• Services such as opening foreign bank accounts, airport transfers, health checkup, vaccination, phone service, etc.
• Assistance to parents in case of family visits, leisure travels, business trips

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